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Back pain from stress, is that really possible?

Back pain from stress, is that really possible?

Yes, that's possible! Stress and back pain easily occur together. Back pain can of course have several causes, but in this article we discuss how back pain can be caused by stress.

What is stress?

Stress is a natural reaction. It arises when a situation occurs in which the load is greater than the carrying capacity.

With load we mean everything that a person experiences and therefore experiences difficulties in life.

By means of carrying capacity we mean everything that gives a person willpower to continue in daily life.

When the load is temporary and not heavier than the carrying capacity, the stress can go away automatically.

If, however, the load is sustained, the person will find no rest and stress will increase and even hold out.

Causes of Stress 

Many things can cause stress. You may feel stress when you go on a interview for new job, or run a race. These kinds of short-term stress are normal. Long-term stress is caused by stressful situations or events that last over a long period of time, like problems at work place or conflicts in your family

of Stress 

If the tension lasts too long, the muscles can get damaged and this can provoke pain. The pain can also radiate to other parts of the body.

Inflammatory factors accumulate in the body and start to give reactions and pain in the long term in different places. Your pain threshold lowers.

It may even be that your muscles remain tense during sleep so that they can not rest.Muscles can then, as it were, be fatigued. One is gradually in a downward spiral through which the back pain persists. The pain varies from person to person.

One has more problems than the other. If no obvious physical illnesses or abnormalities are found, it is good that stress is the culprit. Back pain can be maintained through stress.

Some ways to prevent stress

Seek relaxation and try to relax. Find an outlet for frustrations or talk about it with your friends or family.

Be aware of the situations that give stress. Try to change these situations. If this does not work, you can reduce stress by adjusting your view of the situation.

Provide adequate rest but not too much because exercise is also important. Physical activities such as walking, running, cycling etc are some good distractions.

If the back pain gets too bad, you can always visit your doctor who can refer you to a physiotherapist.

Also pay attention to your diet and eat sufficiently varied. Always ensure good posture throughout the day,
 do not overload your back too much.

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