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Depression can be an issue of life and death, so help from others is of meaningful importance. Since depression involved millions of people every year, chances are, you may know someone who suffers from this horrible unwellness.
Helping someone with intense depression can be stressful at times. Many depressed people don't want to be supported. It's as if they feel they can take advantage of being depressed because no one expects anything from them. Some even go as far as to feel that being depressed is easier than dealing with life's problems and trying to better them. It's significant to know, however, that not all people who suffer from Sadness feel this way.
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Many people suffer from depression needlessly all because they won't consult with a Doctor. If you know someone like this it's important that you do what you can to convince them to seek professional care. Let them recognize that you care and just want to make sure that they are okay. Sometimes if the person won't take the start, you may have to make the appointment for them and make sure they get there. Be kind, but at the same time, be firm. Helping a friend or relative who suffers from Depression is no easy task, but it can be life-saving. At times, just knowing you care makes all the difference in the world.
Many people who suffer from Depression feel like they are a burden not only to their family and friends but also to themselves because they feel as if they are helpless and can't get past their depression. Some even feel ashamed and humiliated. So, instead of getting help, they isolate themselves some more and in turn drift further and further away.
In order to support a person who suffers from Depression, you first need to have sympathetic for that person. In other words, try to identify emotionally with them. Be sensitive to their opinions and feelings and realize that they really are in emotional pain. What they are feeling is real so try to be understanding. NEVER ever tell a depressed person to 'snap out of it.' This simply cannot be done.
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Other ways to help a depressed person may be to motivate them to speak. You never want them to keep everything bottled up within them. Avoid judgmental and critical comments. Remember, most depression sufferers have very low self-esteem, so try to restore it by reasoning with them. Ask them why they feel the way they do and really LISTEN when they talk. By showing them this attention you are showing them that you have a genuine interest in wanting to help.
If you are married to someone who suffers from Depression don't automatically assume that you are the cause of the depression. Depression isn't ALWAYS caused by a bad marriage. However, it can be brought on by friction, guilt or a strained or isolated relationship. Always remember that if you are married to someone who suffers from depression and they lash out at you, don't take it personally. Remember the emotional pain they are in. Also remember that in most cases, YOU are not the one they're insane at. Remembering this can help you react to them in a soft way.
If it's your wife that suffers from depression, take the initiative by helping prepare food and clean. If there are kids in the family, help by tending to them instead of your wife having to do it. By doing this you are helping in more ways than you know.
So, if you know someone who suffers from Depression, always be tolerant, show feeling and assist them in any way you can. Be encouraging and let them know you are thinking about them and you care. Send them a letter or card in the mail. Give them a call on the phone, or better yet, pay them a visit, even if it's for a little while. All these little things can mean the world to a person who is suffering from depression. Don't expect someone with depression to get well overnight. It can be a slow process. So the best thing to do is to try to prevent it.
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If you suffering from Depression and want to prevent or battle it, start by getting plenty of exercises, get proper rest and eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid the 'depressing foods' like chocolate, caffeine or other sugars. Don't build your sense of worth on the love of others, on money, power or your job. Avoid drugs and alcohol. Always do the best you can but don't try to be perfect. There is no such matter. And the number one thing you have to remember is to know the early symptoms of depression and seek support instantly. By doing these things you can have more success in overcoming your depression.

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