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9 benefits of cold weather for our health and the health of our children

Often we can hear that cold is good for our health and the health of our children. But you know what are the benefits of cold on our brain and organism? Read now...

Winter connects us

The coolest morning is what we are invited to do under a warm blanket. It is perfectly normal to avoid brutally low temperatures by staying in the warm embrace of your home. However, during periods of weather-related isolation we are more often talking on the phone with the closest relatives and friends, and then there is also an opportunity to get even better with our children. What is more beautiful for children than a joint pressing under a warm blanket.

Fewer infections 

Muscle inflammation is often relieved by cooling pads in swollen and painful places. Cold air also has the same effect. Many athletes for the treatment of inflammation and injuries use cryotherapy, i.e., ice therapy - exposure to extremely low temperatures. Spending time outside makes us more resilient. This is because the number of cells that fight against infections is increasing when exposed to cold temperatures. In addition, cold air destroys viruses and bacteria, so the effect is doubled.

More energy

Exposure to cold temperatures will fill us with energy. You will also be full of energy after returning to the warm. You do not need to be exposed to cold for a long time to have such an effect on you. Just a short walk is enough - just pray the nose out and take a quick walk.

Better sleep

People who can not sleep at night, have a higher body temperature, so sleeping in a slightly cooled room, at an ideal temperature of 16 to 20 degrees Celsius, will be much better and better. Colder air will help both those who have problems with insomnia and others.
Easier breathing

In the autumn and winter, the air is better than in the spring and summer months. Due to fresh, clean air, these periods are ideal for spending time in nature, long walks, and deep breathing.

Burning calories

Cold air stimulates the burning of calories in brown fat tissue. Brown fat tissue produces heat and burns fat. In infants, this is used to regulate body temperature, but in adults, this fatty tissue is less.

Better brain performance

It is proven that at high temperatures, people rarely take bigger and more complex decisions. Warm weather rapidly exhausts our stocks of glucose and because glucose is used in thought processes, its lack influences our ability to make decisions.

Perfect time for running

Have you ever wondered why marathons are organized late in the fall? Because it is easier and more pleasant to run at lower temperatures. Only in warm and humid weather it is very depleted on our body. Research shows that in cold weather we run faster, which means that we can burn more calories in a short time.

No insects

Low temperatures destroy the insects, such as mosquitoes, benches, flies ... which means that we do not have to defend ourselves against all these annoying attackers who can also infect us.

You have more than enough reasons to spend time outside. So just brave, dress yourself and your children and go for a walk, sledding, snowballing etc.

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