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8 Scientifically Prove Habits That Stimulate Weight Loss

Staying healthy nowadays and having an equally healthy diet involves a lot of effort and time, attributes that many people do not really have.

If you want to make some changes in this direction, besides sports and healthy eating, you can take into account the following scientifically supported recommendations.

1. Eat before eating the meal

According to a recent study, eating a bowl of soup before eating a meal can help reduce appetite. A likely explanation is that as you wait for the soup to cool, you need to eat it slowly, giving the brain, hormones, and stomach enough time to coordinate a satiety message.

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2. Spices in the food

If you love to eat spicy food, we have good news for you. Spicy food consumption can temporarily stimulate metabolism by up to 8%, contributing to increased body burning rhythm.

3. Eat healthy snacks

Eat smaller portions, but more often. When you let too much time between meals, the feeling of hunger increases, increasing the risk of eating more, more craving and even faster at the next meal. Thus, it is advisable to renounce this habit and to choose healthy meals . For example sunflower seeds, almonds, slices of apples, low-fat cheese etc.

4. Drink tea

Besides the amount of plain water consumed, you can also add tea to your daily diet. It contains a large number of antioxidants (especially green) that can stimulate weight loss.

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5.  Blue color

Researchers argue that a great contrast between the color of the plate and the color of the food helps people eat less. In this regard, studies have found that people eating a blue container consume 33% less food.

6. Laugh more

Laughter provides the body with an aerobic mini-training. This causes the heart to beat faster, which increases blood circulation in the body. Intense laughter, over a period of about an hour, burns almost as many calories as lifting weights for 30 minutes.

7. Try to sleep enough

The recommended dose of sleep is extremely important for the body to work well. When looking at how sleep patterns influence daily habits, people who sleep less, tend to eat a smaller breakfast, but too many snacks after dinner. In fact, the total amount of calories consumed in evening snacks was higher than the number of calories that consisted of any individual meal.

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8. Sleep at a lower temperature

When we sleep at a lower temperature, the body burns fat stored in the abdomen to keep the body warm. A study published in Diabetes magazine found that people who slept in rooms with a temperature of approximately 19 degrees Celsius burned 7% more calories than those who slept in rooms with a higher temperature.

Depending on the proposed targets for your body weight, it may not be enough to follow these recommendations. For more specific tips, do not hesitate to consult your nutritionist. Also, practicing regular sports will help you lose weight and keep you in good shape.

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