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Let's start with 8 tips that will help you to deal with acute insomnia quickly. 

how many hours of sleep do teens need

  1. Avoid Sleeping in Light
If you want to sleep soundly and comfortably, it is advisable to avoid sources of light, such as lights, TV, Tab or Laptop and more. Because the light can inhibit the production process of the hormone melatonin. For that, before going to bed make sure first turn off electronic devices that have a light so as not to interfere with your sleep activity. Everybody has different hours of sleep, but for the teens having insomnia the better is to sleep at night about 8 hours.

  1. Avoid consumption of Caffeine
Avoid foods and beverages that contain caffeine such as coffee, chocolate, tea and more. Because it can interfere with your rest activity. So before going to sleep, it would be nice not to consume food and drink so that sleep can be faster and soundly.

  1. Do regular exercise
Get used to exercise routine before going to bed, but do not get too close to your bedtime. Spend 2-3 hours before bedtime. By exercising will produce energy and impact you can sleep more soundly.

  1. No smoke
Indeed this bad habit has many negative impacts on your health. Nicotine in cigarettes will make you difficult to sleep and if it has long suffered insomnia, will even worsen the situation. So stop smoking from now if you want to rest comfortably and your body's health will also be maintained.

  1. Say no to Alcoholic Beverages
According to some people with drinking alcohol can make them drowsy. It's true, but consuming alcohol will not make you sleep well. Instead, alcohol will aggravate your insomnia. For that, do not drink alcohol because it is not a good way to treat insomnia and body health is also threatened.

  1. Avoid Taking Stress  At Night
If you are having problems, forget about a moment of work or family affairs. Because it can make your rest-activity disturbed and health is also threatened. For that, get used to always do a fun activity before bed so that the mind can be calmer. Then sleep can be more qualified. After you wake up you will be fit and with a calm mind, certainly can find a solution to solving all matters.

  1. Get Rid Of Gadgets while Sleeping
This is a bad habit that is difficult to avoid in this modern era. Though this bad habit can cause you trouble sleeping. Because surely your sleep will not focus if there is still thought to use the gadget before bed. Another danger of gadgets is that radiation from the gadget can damage the brain and the function of sexual organs are disrupted. So, put away your gadget moments before going to bed, because there's still another time to use them. So that your sleep activities become uninterrupted and will be more soundly.

  1. Clean Room daily
By maintaining the cleanliness of the room, will make the room atmosphere more comfortable. For that make it a habit to sweep the room from dust and dirt. In addition, try to routinely change your bed linens once a week and if you want more comfort, install air freshener in your room. Then your night rest will be more quality and cleanliness of the room was awake.

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