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1- Brush your teeth when you're hungry and you don't want to be. If you whiten your teeth, do that too. It kills time and you can't put anything in your mouth.

2-Try to drink a cup of water or something. 

3- Chewing Gum will also work, but make sure you get sugar free. You can easily get into the habit of chewing a lot of gum - not because you're still hungry all the time, but because gum itself is an addicting habit, sugar-free will be much better for your teeth.

4- Quick exercise instead of eating might also help - try some push-ups when the cravings come on. 

5- Have a cup of tea- This one is great for a couple reasons. First, yes, physiologically your signals can get crossed if you are dehydrated. So hydrating in the face of hunger is a great idea. Second, and this is more my area of research, we cannot remove habits from our lives, we can only replace them. So by replacing snacking with making yourself a cup of herbal tea, you're far more likely to successfully change your habits permanently. This goes for any habits you want to change. You need to determine what is cuing the habit, what you get out of carrying out that habit, and then find an alternative behavior that still fulfills that same need.

6- "If you're not hungry enough for an apple, then you're not hungry." - Human sensation is complex and comes with a lot of interpretation from your brain. This gives you conscious brain a good basis of comparison to go off in interpreting sensations that feel like 'hunger', but may actually be something else- boredom, anxiety, habit, or virtually any feeling that, in your life, you've found eating to make better.

7 - Eat mindfully and without distractions- a lot of eating is done habitually.By turning off distractions you're giving your brain a better chance at truthfully interpreting your body's sensations and correctly determining when you are done eating. This also help you to retain your eating to within just meal times.

8-You have to tell
 yourself "Im not a person who snacks"-

9-  Walk. Instead of taking in unwanted calories, burn some .

Good Luck. 

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