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At the point when there is no place to fall ..
If arterial hypotension (which is what the doctors call "low blood pressure") are secondary - that is "accompanied" by other diseases (eg anemia, liver, nervous system, etc.), the treatment will be a major illness. And if it is primary and your blood pressure is always 90/60 or even lower, there is no special treatment. Then the disease is not life-threatening: it does not cause an infarction or a stroke. In addition, research suggests that lower blood pressure inhibits the development of atherosclerosis, lengthening the life span of 10 years. So, live and celebrate. Just to appreciate no quality ...
Where to start?
In the event of hypotension, vein tone direction is disabled . For most people with primary hypotension, this is a family heritage. However, the disease can also be caused by constant stress, excessive workload, lack of movement; and sometimes lack of vitamins E, C and B.
If low blood pressure does not cause you serious problems, it is not too much to worry about it. However, this is very rare, and in order to properly assist the disaster, additional research is needed. First of all - blood and urine analysis, cardiogram. If these tests do not show any medical conditions, a cardiologist or neurologist may need advice.
Without pills
Hypotension is not treated with medicines. It is true that depending on the symptoms, for example, if you have headaches, your doctor may prescribe caffeine-containing products. However, the medicine does not need to be taken continuously.
Hipotonics come in with help with herbal remedies. Blood vessels are tinted with ginseng, Chinese jojoba, pink radioland, etc. The course usually takes 3 weeks, then a month's break and the course can be repeated.
In case of hypotension, it is necessary to "train" the blood vessels. Therapeutic baths and showers, hydro massage baths and baths are suitable for it. You can also enjoy the contrast shower, but the temperature differences do not have to be very high. And of course, it is necessary to move - no one improves muscle and vascular background as a physical activity better.
Increase tone
Most hippo-days include weakness and somnolence. In this case, a simple exercise can help. Sit down on the chair, cross your arms behind your head. Take a deep breath and slowly bend over the road. Extend and suddenly exhale. Repeat the exercise three times.
The best medicine for people with low blood pressure is sleep. It is recommended that they sleep 9-11 hours a day.
If you have the opportunity to stroll outside for at least half an hour before bedtime.
The energy in the morning will help you to accumulate breathing exercises, which 5-7 times need to be done without getting out of bed. Lying deep on your back, breathe deeply to swell the abdomen. Then exhale slowly so that the abdomen shrinks. Such breathing improves blood circulation, causes tone of the nervous system.
Hypo-tonics Morning begins with coffee - caffeine perfectly tones up. For breakfast, you can eat sandwiches with cheeses or butter  - an ideal balance of fat and salts, increasing the pressure. It is better to choose hard cheeses, they contain substances similar to serotonin. Nut and fruit are suitable for snacks - their vitamin C helps blood vessels.
In the afternoon, you should choose a meat or fish dish - they contain the necessary protein. Those with low pressure may not restrict the use of spicy foods or spices.
Potassium-rich products include beans, sea cabbage, raisins, potatoes, etc. The day is recommended to drink strong tea with lemon. In the evening, do not forget about dairy products.
In the event that your pressure is low, there is a high likelihood that you will have the capacity to adapt and end up in a disturbed situation.  sudden headache, increased heart beat, nausea ... if this is the case, try to sit as fast as possible, bend your head down the road, breathe evenly, but not deeply. Do not rush to get up when you feel better.

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