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Medical experts recommend eating about half a kilo of fruit and vegetables a day to get enough fiber and vitamins, but it's difficult to eat this amount, so the best solution is juice.

Dieters recommending vegetable juices for those who want to strengthen and pamper the body. They contain less carbohydrates, but have a high content of fiber, which reduces appetite, and is suitable for people with overweight problems. Juice is very good for breakfast, but the ideal time is lunch. It should be kept in mind that naturally squeezed juice is not just a drink, therefore it is completely inappropriate after lunch in the south, as the digestive system is aggravated and fermentation processes are encouraged. True juice is not a drink, it is not intended for drinking, so it does not resist water. They should be considered as a light food. So, after drinking 1.5 liters of juice, we will receive more calories, but the body will not receive the recommended amount of water.

Juice mixing. Recently, it's very popular to combine different sorts of drink, but few really know what regarding blending. The first guideline is - fruit and vegetables are blended with fruit and vegetables, fruits - with fruits, berry juices pressed from berries. Appropriate mixtures are an essential requirement, because the characteristics of an individual fetal medication can induce or inhibit the absorption of the other best features. For instance, carrots shouldn't be blended with oranges, as is usually the case, because supplement C prevents your body from absorbing beta carotene, which is abundant with carrots and which is the consequence of carrot juice . In cases like this, you should put in a slurry of veggie essential oil for better absorption of carotene. Exemption - apple.It could be mixed with fruits & vegetables. If you'd like tangible advantages to your system and you don't know the therapeutic properties, it's easier to drink one kind of juice .

So, experts recommend to create juices, for example, the following:

- Orange with mango or mandarin
- Grapes with apricots, raspberries
- Carrot one, with zucchini or apple
- Cucumber one, you can admire apples 
- One tomato may be planted with parsley or other herbal remedies 
- One beetroot can be peeled with apples

The benefits associated with drink to health. Medics and nutritionists only recommend newly squeezed drink, since after a couple of hours her vitamin supplements are lost. Very quickly breakdown of vitamin supplements C. The only real beetroot juice is preferred to aid for 2 -3 time to be able to evaporate essential natural oils that can cause nausea and soreness in people who have a more delicate digestive tract.

Regular drinking, metabolism improves, the body's resistance to infections, stress, and the organic substances in it help to absorb nutrients. Juice is absorbed very quickly in about half an hour. When in regular use, they take away unnecessary accumulated salt, toxins, and the body does not use extra energy.

Here, for example, freshly squeezed tomato juice stimulates the work of the stomach and intestines, while less commonly used cabbage juice is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins PP and C, folinic acid, and the rare vitamin U protects against cancer and opal. In the case of patients with liver and kidney disease, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends pumpkin juices that complain about anemia - beetroot juice , cucumbers - to control blood pressure, cough and insomnia, pomegranate juices are of value to the elderly.

In fact, in case of any condition, after discussion with specialists, you can find your own drink mix, that will gently and obviously help the body, supplement the missing nutrients and vitamins.

For all addicts it is well known that we now have still diseases that require to be drunk meticulously. This might be people who have problems with diabetes, because some fruits have a great deal of sugars. They aren't suited to example, nice grapes or pears, but tomato drink is recommended. Consuming and folks who have a tendency to diarrhea also needs to be prevented, but following this ailment, the drink is exquisite for restoring your body's fluid balance.

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