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Sleep seems to be a passive process for humans, but it is an important time interval with many tasks in terms of body and mind health. 

The studies have revealed that each person needs different sleep slices for a healthy and balanced life. These varying factors vary according to the person's genetics, and the average sleep requirement varies between 4-10 hours. For adults, this is generally expressed as 6-8 hours.
The quality of life can be completely reduced if sleep is not done in a healthy way as a factor that can affect the whole day of the person. Because sleep is one of the needs that must be met in people. According to a survey conducted, a person who slept for 11 days showed psychological problems. Therefore, inadequate or poor quality sleep will cause both biological and psychological problems.
Sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea syndrome are frequently encountered and should be intervened immediately.
Things to know about for a healthy sleep

  • Things to be The most solid rest is regular rest. So it is vital that you go to bed when you feel lethargic.  With the disappearance of natural sleep, sleeping sickness starts to appear. 
  • It is important to give the time that sleep deserves. Due to the busy work schedule, many people do not have enough time to sleep. 
  • Creating a comfortable environment for sleep is one of the most important needs of sleep. This comfortable environment can vary from person to person. While some people get a healthy sleep with full silence and darkness, others may need a certain level of light and sound to fall asleep. It also greatly influences the quality of sleep in factors such as bedding, pillows, bed sheets to be selected according to physical properties. 
  • Consumption should be stopped at least 5 hours before the sleeping time of the substances that cause the body to be disturbed and contain stimulant substances, that is to say the sleeping and preventing sleep. 
  • It is also a fact proved by research that alcohol and cigarette use reduce sleep quality. 
  • Regular exercises made during the day contribute to rest periods, causing sleep to start more comfortably. 
  • Pre-determined sleep patterns, normally even at different times, must be attempted to be followed, such as holidays, accommodation in different places, etc. 

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