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Cycling can be an aerobic fitness exercise of the first order, economical, fun and ideal to talk about with friends, as a family group or even by themselves, in a field, in the town, or wherever you are. If you're seriously thinking about needs to use the bi-cycle as a way of transport, to start out training or as a recreational activity we demonstrate 6 great healthy benefits of riding a bicycle.

Health benefits of riding a bicycle daily

Reduces the risk of heart attack by 50%

Pedaling is an excellent cardiovascular exercise because, when moving the feet, the maximum heart rate increases and blood pressure decreases. That is, the heart works more economically.

Lowers "bad" cholesterol

It not only allows the reduction of LDL cholesterol but also facilitates the increase of "good" cholesterol levels. This will help the functioning of the blood vessels and reduce the chances of them calcifying.

Brings happiness

Although it seems incredible, riding a bicycle generates the so-called "happiness hormones": endorphins. That's why when you're in the middle of the chaos of car traffic, you have to remember this, pedal and smile.

Reduces the risk of infections

By boosting the power of the immune system, it contributes to reducing the risk of contracting certain infections, including cancer.

Protect the knees

Contrary to what you may think, riding a bike helps the proper functioning of the knees. Why? Between 70 to 80% of the body falls on the seat and reduces the impact, as do other activities, such as running or jumping.

Whole body exercise

In addition to mobilizing the legs, pedaling allows the physical work of the upper part of the body in order to maintain balance.

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