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For burning belly fat and slimming your belly, we have listed 12 methods below. With these  you can start immediately.

1. Remove fast carbohydrates directly from your diet

One of the best decisions you can immediately take to lose belly fat is to follow a low-carbohydrate diet. And then we are mainly talking about banning the so-called fast carbohydrates from your diet.

Fast carbohydrates - also called simple carbohydrates - is a general term for nutrition that is quickly processed by your body. This seems favorable, but the opposite is true. Because these simple carbohydrates are processed quickly, the body needs little of this energy immediately. The overview of energy from these carbohydrates is stored directly as excess fat, which takes place mainly in the abdominal area. This is in contrast to, for example, slow carbohydrates, which are processed a lot more slowly by the body. As a result, the energy supply is better distributed and your body will therefore store less as excess fat.

The fast carbohydrates are especially recognizable in foods that contain little fiber but many starches and sugars. These ingredients are in fact a form of the fast carbohydrates which in the long term have a bad effect on your weight. In practice for a leaner belly you will therefore have to avoid the food that contains many of these ingredients. Always check the label carefully. Examples of products that generally contain a lot of fast carbohydrates are: crisps, pastries, cookies, microwave meals, white bread, ice cream, dairy desserts, soft drinks, sprinkles, sauces from packets, chocolate spread, most alcoholic beverages, and so on. Instead, you can eat the best nutritious low carbohydrate food.

2. Make Vegetables your friend

Vegetables are a particularly useful source of nutrition. Not everyone likes them all, but you can cook with great food and these right choices make them your biggest companion in the weight loss process for your stomach. And the nice thing about vegetables is in fact the following: you can eat almost as much as you like. Obviously there are limits, but you probably have eaten enough before you reach that limit.

Vegetables generally contain a lot of water, fiber, protein, minerals and vitamins. Especially the first three raw materials will give you a fuller feeling, while in fact you will not get that much. This allows you to work faster on your stomach to make it lose weight. Good vegetables will help you digestion. For example, vegetable varieties that help you lose weight are: Green leaf vegetables (such as spinach, kale), broccoli, cauliflower, celery, pumpkin, zucchini, lettuce and the different cabbage varieties.

3. Say No to factory-produced food

Nowadays the food industry is catching up when it comes to the quality of food. But still the rule is that generally packed, factory-produced food will not help your weight loss process, and that is especially true for losing weight. This kind of food normally contains just a considerable amount of ingredients with fattening properties. You do not have to eat completely organic, but it is advisable to pay attention to what you get at home.

These foods make the average consumer almost too easy in the sense that you can simply put food in the microwave and let it be prepared. You do not really know what you eat. By cooking yourself with pure ingredients you will be able to control your diet much better. Losing your stomach will also be a lot easier.

4. Eat more proteins and unsaturated fats

We have already mentioned above about avoiding fast carbohydrates and following a low carbohydrate diet. To catch this change you can then follow a protein-rich eating schedule. Proteins are broken down more slowly by the body than carbohydrates. This gives you enough nutrition but your belly will fall off.

Unsaturated fats have the same type of role as proteins. With unsaturated fats, it is sometimes more difficult to distinguish them well from saturated fats and trans fats. Check out the differences between these types of fats and how you can recognize them.

5. Drink more every day

It is sometimes underestimated what the role of water is in losing weight. Because you also have to dispose of waste products during the weight loss process, your body needs the fluids. Many practical experiences have shown that when you drink at least 2 liters a day with water or tea, you also lose weight faster. Also in case you want to lose weight around your belly this is no different.

Before drinking you can drink the best water or tea. Especially green tea is extra useful. Other drinks that can help greatly for weight loss is drinking a (protein) shake or a so-called green smoothies. You do not drink all day like water or tea, but have a specific function in the waste process. Both a protein shake and a green smoothie can serve as a good meal replacement where you also get a lot of useful nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

6. Start your metabolism with breakfast

Your breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day. Now it often depends on the type of diet you follow. For example, in a detox diet or a fasting diet, breakfast is normally deliberately skipped. But for the best average result for a slimmer belly you can assume that an effective breakfast will only help you. By starting your metabolism immediately after waking up, you ensure that your body continues to work to remove the excess body fat.

What is a good breakfast for losing weight? Here you are reasonably flexible, as long as you take the other tips in this article to heart. So a protein-rich diet with enough fiber is the most recommended. Think of oatmeal with fruit and nuts, yogurt with seeds, a fried egg with vegetables, a piece of brown bread with cucumber or just a protein shake.

7. Use clear meal moments 

By clearly planning for yourself at what times of the day you eat you can win a lot. First, you build in peace for yourself. After all, it is nice to know when you can eat again. If you still get hungry, at least you know how long you have to bridge. Secondly, you give yourself and your body structure in which the metabolism continues to work well. If the body is left without any food for a longer period of time, it will also work less efficiently. Regularity is therefore also important. To plan your day clearly you can make a diet plan.

8. Put on healthy snacks

In the continuation of the previous point, snacks are actually the secret asset that will make your weight loss much easier. By eating the snacks at the right times, you can sufficiently overcome those "hunger-blow" moments. This makes the slimming process much easier to maintain.

In addition, snacks and snacks ensure that your metabolism is kept going. After all, you want to prevent your body from entering a low-energy mode because it thinks you are in an environment with too little power. On the other hand, you want to give your body just enough nutrition to keep all the processes going, while also addressing those excess fats for burning.

9. Eat enough 

The temptation is perhaps to eat the same thing every day or to fall back on the same recipes for the week. But here your body is lazy. Your body will make less effort to process these foods properly. In addition, a one-sided diet is simply less exciting, so you consciously or unconsciously less slimming. By eating in a versatile way, on the other hand, you get a taste for the next food adventure, all the more because you can also surprise yourself with something tasty and healthy.

The most important problem, though, is that there is too little variation in your diet that you will receive raw materials unilaterally. You have a surplus on the one substance while you have a shortage of other substances. This will make the "machine" that your body is working less well. In order to lose weight, you want that this machine continues to work well. Varied food is not only more fun and tasty, but it is also healthier.

10. Move intensively with the right sport for you

Lose weight without intensive exercise or exercise is possible. It will only go slower than if you do exercise or sport. After all, because you allow your body to burn more energy in a day, it will also appeal to the excess belly fats more quickly. Exercise is not only good for the weight loss process, but also for the overall health of your body.

To choose a good exercise or sport there are a number of considerations that you can follow. Think first of all about the type of sport and how much it contributes to losing weight. Secondly, it is important to choose a sport that you like. Are you a team person or do you prefer sport individually? This also ensures that the right choice is important.

11. Do effective abdominal exercises

Specific abdominal exercises are primarily intended to strengthen the muscles in your abdominal area. It is less intended for weight loss itself - although it also helps - but especially to make your stomach look nicer and tighter. Consider also the period after losing weight if any excess skin may be present. By doing good abdominal exercises you can prevent and remedy this.

A good workout schedule for the abdomen offers a versatile approach. So both the upper abdomen, lower abdomen and waist. In addition, the other muscle groups are not forgotten. Your back and thighs are also very important to train in combination with your abdominal muscles.

12. Reduce the stress in your life

Stress is caused by having your physical and psychological (or one of the two) tensions that arise, for example, from developments in your private life or work. Stress releases the now famous hormone cortisol. Although cortisol is of low benefit to the human body, the amount normally released during stress is usually not as favorable. An annoying side effect of cortisol is that it stimulates binge eating, so you eat too much faster at the wrong moments.

It is therefore certainly of added value to reduce the amount of stress in your daily life. How you do this depends in part on the cause of stress. You can best approach this at the source. A tool that you can use here is mindfulness. You then train yourself, as it were, to relax more. Over time, the cortisol value in your body will go down so that at least you solve this problem and you can concentrate on losing belly fat.

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