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Too long sitting

Too much time sitting Permanent sitting and a poor and fixed sitting posture can promote a herniated disc Whom sits too long, utilizes only a few calories from fat and the metabolism and the cardiovascular system run on a back burner. This boosts the risk of cardiovascular disease and metabolic diseases such as diabetes.

Mental stress

Constant stress in the workplace can cause cardiovascular diseases, migraines, tinnitus or back problems. Those affected are also particularly susceptible to burnout.

Too few breaks

The deletion of Pause leads to fatigue, exhaustion and lasciviousness. This is at the expense of your health and also reduces productivity.

Out of kilter eating habits

To stay focused and efficient, a balanced diet is important. This kind of causes malnutrition and unusual meals: bad mood, exhaustion, lack of concentration, performance losses, deep noon openings, cravings and so weight problems.

Bad air

Negative indoor air can lead to fatigue, loss of performance, concentration problems, severe headaches, dizziness, general weakening of the immune system, serious illnesses such as allergy symptoms, cardiac arrhythmias or breathing disorders, especially in the heating season.

A lot of distraction

Even small and regular distractions have far-reaching consequences: our efficiency drops and the error rate rises. We are exhausted, frustrated and constantly under time pressure. As a result, we also are more vulnerable to psycho-and physical diseases.

Too small offices

Workers in open-plan offices are often stressed out faster, less productive and also more likely to get sick. They also suffer from sensory overload, loss of privacy, loss of identity, low productivity and low satisfaction.

Unsatisfactory work

If executives ignore the concerns of their employees partially or completely, the consequences are usually frustration and disappointment. This in turn has a negative impact on the mental and physiological health of workers.

Too little hydration

If you drink too little water during the day, you may experience headaches, tiredness or concentration problems. Lack of water also pollutes the circulation and digestion because it thickens the blood.

High noise level

Noise in the office reduces the performance and motivation. A consistently high noise level can also trigger stress.

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