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Health is said to be the biggest wealth. If the money goes out of hand then it can be recovered. But once health is deteriorated, it is very difficult to bring it into an old condition. That is why sensible people take care of their health in a friendly manner.

Good health is the basis of all the pleasures of life. Goods can be bought by money but their consumption depends on good health. If a rich person is unhealthy, then his wealth has no value. If the poor are healthy then the worry does not matter because they have health money. Whatever he has, he can use it properly. There is a kind of beauty in good health.

There are many who wish good health, but there are only few who try to be aware of it. But by merely imagining, health cannot be maintained. This has to be done for a continuous effort. Good and balanced diet has three fundamental elements to maintain a regular routine and regular exercise health. Food should be coordinated with fruits, cereals, vegetables, and milk. The person's health remains good by taking some amounts of fruit, green fresh vegetables, sprouted grains and milk every day. Along with that, stale, gourmet, more fried and high-fat food is unfavorable to human-health. Nowadays children and youth are getting attracted towards fast food. This attraction invites many kinds of diseases and obesity.

A regular routine is very important in maintaining health. It keeps the person away from stress. Since the body acts like a machine so it wants regularity. It does not want to be over-hyped with any kind. Therefore, every person should make a regular routine and follow them also. In this routine, activities that keep body and mind relaxed are to be given proper place.

Regular exercise also has considerable importance in keeping the body healthy. Exercise strengthens all the organs of the body and provides the power to fight diseases.

The importance of timely treatment for good health is not less. If the person has fallen ill then he should seek the help of a qualified doctor immediately. It can be dangerous to treat any disease as small and ignore it. Considering the advice of a qualified doctor, the person can make a quick recovery.

To maintain the healthcare cost, there is the adequate importance of the cleanliness system maintained at various levels. Cleaning the body, cleaning the house, cleaning the clothes and cleaning the neighborhood should be done by the whole rule. When the sanitation system is correct, the germs stay away from the body.

The person adopting the above measures can always remain healthy. Since a healthy body is inhabited by a healthy mind, therefore we must take all necessary measures to stay healthy.

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