Let's talk health and fitness

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1) Read

2) Meditate

3) Regularly participate in games of strategy like Chess or Risk, which allow you to exercise your mental faculties

4) Set a few different small goals each week and make sure you complete them. This gives you a set of defined (but varied) responsibilities that will set healthy brain habits.

5) Join clubs and debates or take various low-stress classes that will allow you to engage with a variety of people and have regular thoughtful conversations.

6) Keep your body properly hydrated. This ensures your body (and mind) will function as smoothly as possible at all times, which will help keep your brain healthy and alert.

7) Exercise, take walks in nature, and keep active.

8) Create. Art, writing, painting, cooking, what have you. The act of creating something authentic takes brain power. Not only can it be a meditative/therapeutic activity, but it takes a lot of direct thought too.

9) Keep a journal of your thoughts, observations and experiences and write at least a few lines or a paragraph each day.

10) Devote yourself to higher learning. Make an effort to learn new things every day. It can be literally anything as long as you're focusing your effort to learn and challenge yourself on the regular.

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