Let's talk health and fitness

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You can remain fit without going to a gym by following this  arrangement:

Make Fruits your closest friends. Have fruits as your breakfast. You can eat 3 bananas, 2 apples, grapes and a glass of Orange juice blended with 2 lemons.

Presently following 1.5 hours of your breakfast eat some vegetable like daliya. Eat great sum with the goal that you can feel full in the morning.

  • Amid lunch eat more and more cooked vegetable with bread or Roti. You can eat more pulses and sprouts during lunch.
  • Amid dinner eat vegetable salad. You can include tomatoes, spinach (lot of), boiled potatoes, cucumber and carrots(if they are available) . Drink a glass of vegetable juice so that you can feel full.
  • At other times of the day when you carve for something you can eat almonds or other dry fruits.
  • Drink at least a glass of milk everyday (most important). Never ever skip this at any cost.
  • Drink a lot of good quality water. Drink one litre of water right after you wake up in the morning and it should be lukewarm.
  • Discard sweet and sugar completely because they are making your life bitter. They are poisoning you.
  • No caffeine in any form tea, coffee, diet coke nothing.

That is about the eating routine part. Presently the amount you should work out. Since you are not eating carbs so you don't have to/can't practice much. Regardless of whether you attempt to practice all the more, at that point it is possible that you won't have the capacity to or you will swoon. So the appropriate measure of activity would be :

  • Try to Run 2– 3 km at Evening. Try not to keep running in the morning since you are not getting carbs in your supper. 
  • Do atleast 40 push ups in the morning and 35 approx after your keep running at Evening.
  • Squat for 7 minutes in the morning. 
  • Likewise do twisty exercises or some other yoga you think about. 
  • You can also consider doing 20 crunches in the morning and evening (not in the slightest degree compulsory). 

For individuals who are overweight you will lose 10-18 kg. inside 6-8 months.

Good Luck! Health is wealth.

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